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Legally incorporated in accordance with business operation in Australia and applicable international law [ Our Legal Page ] Almarc PTY LTD is a company that deals on processing and supplying of various commodities, raw materials including rare-earth metals and large agricultural productions providing traders across the globe with cutting edge technology to trade the world’s markets and maximize returns..


Alongside speculative trading performed through trading in futures, the company also enters into contracts for the supply of raw materials for power, metallurgy, food and auto industries. In particular, we are one of the top suppliers of the following groups of raw materials:

Metals including non-ferrous metals (copper, nickel, aluminum), precious metals (platinum, silver, gold) and rare-earth metals (lanthanum, scandium, yttrium, etc.);.

Large scale agricultural production and supplies (coffee, corn, oats, wheat, soybeans, and sugar etc).


All the above factors make trading in the commodity market very attractive in terms of profitability, however, the degree of risk is quite high. Not every investor can independently master all the subtleties of carrying out successful transactions, develop an efficient trading strategy, analyze all the factors affecting the movement of asset prices, and make an unmistakably accurate estimation.

Also, the scope of contracts must be taken into account. You can start trading on the currency exchange with an insignificant capital; however, transactions in the commodity market will require the presence of large capital investments, which makes this activity unaffordable to most investors.

AlmarcFinance has successfully resolved these issues. Investors with small and medium-sized investments are given a unique opportunity to consolidate their funds to obtain profit by transferring them to trust management of professional traders.

Here at Almarc PTY LTD, we are in a constant strive to impress, which is why we go the extra mile to make profits to put smiles on your face. You are important to us. Established in 2003, Almarc PTY LTD has traded in the Commodity and Foreign Exchange market for over 16 years before launching its web based online platform ( in 2020 to give access to local and international investors.

We at Almarc PTY LTD are committed towards transforming the definition of Commodity Trading. Our concept is to “Digitize your revenue” in very simple yet 100% safe and secure way Providing the best customer service to our clients by maintaining a Superb Client Centric Culture.


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Office address: 71 Canberra Ave, Griffith ACT 2603, Australia.

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